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social media /    pr / marketing

Rethinking Marketing/PR truisms against the lessons of the post-Web2.0 era, in which consumers dictate the dialog, not marketers.

Mini Case Study – helped develop “backfill” story for a new car launch that began with the mysterious appearance of a crash-landed “orb” near London’s Tower Bridge ...



Creating fun, imaginative and memorable branded experiences that build consumer awareness and generate media coverage – through virtual, viral or actual events.

Mini Case Study – created the quintessential American town inside the Washington, D.C., Expo Center.



Creating ideas and writing copy for TV, radio, print, outdoor ads, cereal boxes, etc., that reach targeted audiences with relevant concepts.

Mini Case Study – scripted a 30-minute broadcast TV program for a national client that contributed to a 10% direct response rate.


executive speech writing

Helping clients demonstrate thought leadership within their respective industries (including coaching, development of visuals, props or other support).

Mini Case Study – helped craft the first-ever keynote address by an auto executive at the Consumer Electronics Show.


corporate identity development

Crafting a statement that captures the essence of the client brand or enterprise in a way that credibly defines and distinguishes their value proposition; generating specific messages to reach media/key influencers/ consumers/employees, and other audiences.

Mini Case Study – part of team that helped brand Detroit’s Creative Corridor with the “Make It Here” initiative.


White papers, proposals, research results – creating documents that capture insights, present solutions and document successes.

Mini Case Study – recently wrote a white paper about marketing to women that was used in the client’s new business pitch.

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