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Samples of My Work

Independence USA
When an international client wanted to demonstrate how it touched the lives of average Americans on a daily basis, we created "Independence, USA"  inside the Washington, D.C. Expo center.  Every touchpoint communicated an important message, from the executive speech at the Town Square, to the real "pie charts" at Carla's Truck Stop, to the newsboy who delivered papers (on his bicycle) to visitors.

Green Means Go
Saturn was one of the first out with a fuel-saving, funds-saving, planet-saving hybrid.  A multi-city tour featuring Saturn Greenhouse displays was launched in the first market with a series of giant billboards placed inside the  train station that brought thousands of commuters into the city every day. 

Operation Altitude

Earning media attention for a new SUV can be tricky.  For this assignment, we not only dropped a Jeep from a helicopter, but were prepared to hand the executive presenter one of six different scripts -- depending on what went right and what could go wrong. Fortunately, we got to go with the "A" plan.

These are just a few examples of my work.  If you'd like to see some actual writing ,
email me with a specific request and I'll be happy to send you an appropriate sample. Or you can review my book at

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